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The CFTC has shown some pro-bitcoin tendencies and authorized LedgerX to establish a regulated bitcoin futures market. In addition, CFTC chairman J. Cristopher Giancarlo is known as the father of cryptocurrency (Cryptodad)-the tag is on his TwitVenmo Bitcointer homepage. Although he will leave in 2019, he has been widely hailed as a regulator of cryptocurrency friendly. In February this year, he said:

When people dislike something, their instinctive reaction is usually to avoid it. Whether it's a bathtub or Bitcoin, if you hate it, you will avoid it at all costs. For some people, they will not choose to avoid. Like a tooth that has begun to shake, they can't resist this feeling, and they take the initiative to mention Bitcoin again and again, fascinated and disgusted by it.

In terms of large positions, long positions rebounded from 2027 to 2418, and short positions rebounded from 84 to 120. In the latest statistical cycle, the large accounts expressed their optimism about the market outlook relatively simply and directly. As the only account with an increase in the proportion of long positions before the market ushers in the breakthrough, there was no significant profit in the latest statistical cycle. In conclusion, on the contrary, it is still making further long orders, which also expresses confidence in the market outlook to further rise.

It is not difficult to imagine that until the famous pizza transaction in 2010, Bitcoin had no "value" in the traditional sense. Before that, it was just a hobby project of a group of cypherpunks who sent back and forth what seemed worthless at the time and later became digital gold. At the time, Bitcoin users didn't know what would happen to Bitcoin's valuation (or eventually be classified as an "asset"), nor how quickly Bitcoin's price would reach its current level.

The passion for numbers and codes made Jack transfer to New York University in order to accept the job. In 1999, the Internet boom swept the West Coast of the United States. After Yahoo and Amazon went public, their valuations exceeded 100 million U.S. dollars, and the stock price quadrupled in the following year. The carnival development of the Internet made Jack and Kidd decide to take a share in the wave.

In May 2018, SARB made it clear that it still did not list cryptocurrencies as currencies. The bank’s deputy governor Francois Groepe explained by whVenmo Bitcoinat criteria the central bank classifies them and the specific reasons behind the choice of terminology:

The fact that Bitcoin did not attract the attention of media outside the currency circle and the investment community at the beginning of its creation can be seen from the early currency value. Since there is no relatively stable exchange rate between early bitcoin and traditional currencies, we can only calculate from some limited transactions that the value of each bitcoin at that time was less than 1 cent6. Nevertheless, due to the blockchain technology used by Bitcoin, it has successfully solved the aforementioned two major challenges in the issuance and circulation of virtual currencies, and has gradually attracted more and more users and speculators. In the end, it stood out from many virtual currencies through the Matthew effect, and in 2017 due to speculation by speculators, the largest financial bubble that exceeded the "Dutch Tulip Bubble"7 appeared in financial history. However, blockchain technology has seized this opportunity to attract worldwide attention.

Support tools such as the Zcash protocol and wallets need to promote the widespread popularity of privacy... We will track and evaluate the popularity in a variety of ways, including the number of shielded transactions, the number of third parties with shielded addresses, and The number of third parties that support isolated addresses by default.

ICO seems to be the agency's primary concern, because in February 2018, the SEC conducted a large-scale investigation and issued a subpoena to close some unregistered securities in the ICO. Prior to this, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton accused many ICO and cryptocurrency promoters of not complying with securities laws. Although he previously considered ICOs to be a potentially efficient financing tool, in a column published in the Wall Street Journal, Clayton also warned that the SEC will vigorously pursue the registration, disclosure, and countermeasures that try to evade our securities laws. The person asking for fraud.