Dollar to Bitcoin converter

Dollar to Bitcoin converter

As of 20:00, according to the official perDollar to Bitcoin converterpetual contract data of 58coin, the positions of large holders are as follows:

4. Sushiswap community proposes to launch Onsen, a new fluid mining incentive project. The vote will end on December 15.

According to cryptobriefing, Rio blockchain and marathon patent group, the top two mining companies in the United States, have seen revenue growth of 492.6% and 387% respectively in the past year, surpassing that of bitcoin and Ethereum.

According to cryptodiffer, the total supply of stable currency exceeded US $25 billion on December 8, an increase of 346.42% since January 2020.

A shares closed at 3416.60 points (- 0.81%), Shenzhen composite index at 13973.48 points (- 0.38%), Shenzhen blockchain 50 index at 3926.10 points (- 1.00%), and the digital currency plate of the same Huashun fell 0.59%.

According to the 21st century economic report, Yu Weiwen, the chief executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, previously said that the HKMA was working with the digital currency Research Institute of the people's BaDollar to Bitcoin converternk of China on the technical test of cross-border payment using digital RMB and make corresponding technical preparations. In response, a spokesman for the HKMA said:

On December 7, the liquidity provider wootrade (woo) officially announced that it would integrate chainlink Oracle service, allowing institutions and professional traders to verify their trading history on different blockchains.

U.S. stock market closed: the three major stock indexes closed up, the Dow rose 0.62%, the standard & Poor's index rose 1.13%, and the NASDAQ rose 1.28%. US stocks blockchain plate closed down 1

(2) Top 30 of the net recharge amount of ALPA and share the $2500 ALPA airdrop; (3) top 100 top ALPA players can enjoy another $1000 ALPA; (4) register with friends and receive another 30 Alpas (about $10). The more recommended, the more points you get.

According to the official news, index cooperative launched a liquidity mining plan two months ago to allocate 9% index tokens. The plan will end on December 7, so the indexcoop community voted to extend it for another 30 days. The new fluid mining plan will start at 4:00 Beijing time on December 8, with the target apy of 30%. The target scale of DPI / eth pool on uniswap is $30 million (USD 15 million Eth and USD 15 million DPI). The 20 day rolling average price using index is $6.47, and a total of 115920 index tokens will be allocated over 30 days. These index tokens will be paid out of indexcooptreature, accounting for 1.15% of the total supply.