Ripple Bitcoin

Ripple Bitcoin

As ofRipple Bitcoin 20:00, according to the official perpetual contract data of 58coin, the positions of large holders are as follows:

2. The performance of mainstream digital currencies is as follows: eth is tentatively 460.52usdt (+ 3.16%), XRP is tentatively at 0.2925usdt (+ 9.51%), BCH is at 249.4usdt (- 0.19%), LTC is at 73.9usdt (+ 11.88%), EOS is at 2.66usdt (+ 6.15%), BSV is tentatively at 160.92usdt (+ 5.70%).

1. Sushiswap trading volume increased by $1.1 billion in November. During the same period, the total trading volume of DEX decreased by 15.8% in all exchanges, which was most affected by uniswap and curve, but sushiswap trading volume continued to rise.

Many financial institutions are planning to increase blockchain spending in 2021, according to a survey to be released by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu called "financial services outlook 2020". Preliminary results show that 27% of the institutions surveyed expect a slight increase in spending on blockchain and distributed ledger technology, while 14% expect a substantial increase. Another 33% of the institutions are not expected to change, while the rest hope to cut spending slightly. Commenting on the report, Richard walker, head of the Deloitte financial services blockchain team, said,

Recently, a community user inquired whether Huo coin has a cooperative relationship with HT 100 times Star project. In this regard, the official statement of Huo coin solemnly stated that: Huo coin and its platforms have no cooperative relationship with HT baibeixing project, and HT baibeizhi star is not an official project of Huo coin. The project has been falsely publicized in the name of Huo coin and induced users to participate, which has constituted a serious infringement on the brand of Huo coin.

In terms of BCH and BSV, although there is a large-scale retreat, the effect of large-scale is far less than that of XRP and LTC. It can be judged that the Ripple Bitcoinadjustment is concentrated on the strong currency. For currencies such as BCH, which are already stagflation, the pullback obviously does not affect the price performance, and there may be a chance of rebound in the near future.

2. The performance of mainstream digital currencies is as follows: eth temporarily reported at 469.5usdt (+ 2.32%), XRP at 0.2599usdt (+ 2.07%), BCH at 254.1usdt (- 1.02%), LTC at 64.83usdt (+ 11.98%), EOS at 2.555usdt (+ 3.36%), BSV at 159.75usdt (+ 2.48%).

According to the official announcement of f2pool, conflux (CFX) will be upgraded at 3615000 block height (estimated at 15:30 on December 11), and the reward for a single block will be reduced from 7 CFX to 2 CFX.

As for which aspects need to be improved, joy believes that first of all, we need to strengthen the process of standardization, and at the same time, increase the popularity of blockchain education, so that more blockchain educators can preach to outsiders; on the other hand, mainstream media need to make more positive reports on the blockchain industry and the field of digital assets.