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Google Bitcoin Converter

Eth started consolidation in the 440-470 range, and it may be difficult to expect further rise before the volume exceeds 479, and the signal of complete weakening is below the bottom of 422-423 wide consolidation area. With the collective recovery of the market yesterday, yfi continued to walk out of the strong rebound market. Now it is blocked by the strong selling pressure near 20470. If it breaks, it is possible to continue to test 21740 resistance. The rebound strength of yfii is relatively weak, and it is possible to test the strong resistance near 2640 only after the effective breakthrough of 1960. Link failed to break through 13.25 ~ 13.68 strong resistance range continuously, and the first support can directly focus on 12.35. Although dot increased in volume for a short time within the day, it still failed to effectively stand at the key posiGoogle Bitcoin Convertertion of $4.95, so it focused on the effectiveness of 4.62 support and 4.95 ~ 5.01 resistance area in the short term.

On November 18, the official launch of kava, a cross chain defi protocol, said that the total value of kava locked token had reached $50 million. It is a crypto art trading platform based on NFT + defi, belonging to linkart (LAR) ecology. Artists can get paid immediately after selling their works. The unique auction and mining mode of the platform enables users to directly bid to artists or purchase directly according to their bids. Artists can control the pricing model and give NFT to users.

In order to meet the mining needs of more users' mainstream digital assets, the platform updates the online BTC and usdt lock mining products from time to time. A BTC lockup mining product was launched today. The product life is 90 days in the form of monthly payment. The opening quota is 150btc, and the minimum lockup quota is 5btc. The closing time is 16:00, December 7, 2020.

According to whalert data, 16280.209 BTCs were transferred from coinbase exchange to 1nvz2r unknown wallet at 09:49 on December 11, Beijing time. At current price, it is worth about 291 million US dollars. The transaction hash is: 30da5838a82cb315cd7062931035a0df433ac6867e04d0960a31ae8559a35ce5.

According to Yahoo Finance on December 3, Michael sonnenshein, managing director of grayscale, said on the program that investors' participation in bitcoin investment has increased substantially since the outbreak of the epidemic. I think many investors are convinced of the fact that bitcoin is a scarce asset with a limited number. Investors are willing to invest in bitcoin in the context of ongoing quantitative easing in the monetary sector and a broader Google Bitcoin Converterportfolio.